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Sample Application

This is a well done application by one of our members. We are providing it as an example for those confused about the application process.

Your Name: Duckie
Your LJ: boldsirrobin
Preferred Email: duckie.nya@gmail.com
Character's name: Marco
Character's fandom: Animporphs
Character's LJ: notpolo
Tell us about the character and his fandom: Animorphs is a series of books written by KA Applegate about five teenagers who had the bad luck to take the wrong route home. The teens were given the power to 'morph' -- the ability to change into any animal they touch -- by the Andalite, Elfangor. They use this power to fight a silent war against the Yeerks; parasitic aliens who wiggle their way through the ear canal and take over their victim's brain. The Yeerks currently control many races, including the Hork-Bajir, the Taxxons, a single Andalite, and an ever-growing number of Humans. A Yeerk-controlled person is referred to a 'Controller'.

Marco is the team comedian and, later in the series, the tactician. He is, in his own words, able to see through problems to the most expedient solution, adding in morality only much later. He's something of a fanboy and a gamer. He tries -- tries -- to be funny, all the time. He has the idea that as long as he's laughing, the situation will never be so bad they can't get out of it.

He once blew up the subway system, using high explosives stolen from the military. No, really.

Sample Tag: Marco slammed back against the wall, dodged left. The Hork-Bajir's arm blades scraped across the brick, uncomfortably close to his head.

Oh, whoa! Marco reached out with one huge gorilla hand, and shoved the Hork-Bajir away. I think these guys are getting quicker.

Maybe you're getting slower! Rachel suggested, cheerful tone in direct contrast to her vicious roar. Her grizzly bear claws raked across the throat of another Hork-Bajir, Yeah. I think it's you.

Bite me, Ra--

The world dissolved. The old, abandoned warehouse crumbled away, sky gave way to vague colorless space. The battle scene faded, and everyone, Animorph and alien alike, was just -- gone.

"Oh, whoa." Marco said, or tried to. His voice sounded hollow and weak in the white vacuum. As he floated, he only had one thought: The Ellimist. "What the hell are you up to NOW?" He demanded of the void, shaking a -- human -- fist in the general direction of 'up'.

As hours -- days? -- passed, Marco ran out of rude things to call the Ellimist. So, he started singing. As loudly as he could in the general nothing-ness -- he'd also run out of ways to describe empty space -- and very, very off-key. He wasn't sure if he could actually annoy a semi-omnipotent being, but it made him feel better to try.

"Row, row, row your boat, gently down the --" Marco tripped over the lyrics, stumbling as ugly carpeting came into being beneath his feet.

An office. In a really, really tall building it looked like. He crouched behind a desk, taking in the scene. It appeared to be empty. After hours? Weekend? The lights were on, and with his luck, there'd be a Human-Controller working over-time, who would really like to know why there was a teenage boy skulking about barefoot in bike shorts. Dear self, if caught, suggest they hire an interior decorator. Suggest self as interior decorator, as a blind monkey could do better, and hey, at least I'm not blind...

The card on the floor next to him caught his attention. His name was on the front of the envelope in a neat type-face. Marco picked up the card, examining it closely. "I hope to God this isn't explosive or something." He muttered to himself, as he pulled the card out of the envelope. "Dear Marco, you've probably noticed you're not where you're supposed to be -- no, really? -- There is a reason for this -- Oops, I accidentally blew up the Universe, sorry. -- Here'a replacement Earth while I fix things. Please send all your contact information to this Prince I know in Nigeria." He tossed the envelope aside and took the card over to the computer.

So, this X person wanted them -- who was them? -- to contact one and other via the internet. Okay. He could do that.

"Dear Diary, my name is Zaphod Beeblebrox. I am the President of the Galaxy..."

First Journal Entry: Yo! The great Zaphod, your Galactic President-elect here! (Well, not really. At least for given value of 'here') Our new Alien Overlord (Who I do not welcome.) seems to want us to communicate. So: Hi. This place is totally screwed up. So, in order to carry as I have, in the comfort to which I would like to become accustomed, I have taken over the city block marked on this handy map, and have declared myself sovereign leader of such. You may address me as President Zaphod.

Or, you know, Marco.

Dear overlord: If we're allowed to request things, I would like twenty pounds of C4, two dozen blasting caps, sixteen cans of red spray paint, and a pony and a plastic rocket.

Please feel free to leave out the pony, as I'm not actually sure what I would do with a pony.

Kisses, (Not really)
President Zaphod (AKA Marco)

What's in the zoo

When non-sentient beings are found they are not deposited in the Empire State Building but in the Central Park Zoo. Destructive powers of said zoo animals are usually dulled down, and enclosures are provided that can actually hold said creatures without escape.

The following is a list of odd creatures that are currently in the zoo. Suggestions for additions to the zoo are always welcome.

Earth (all)
Velocoraptor (3)
Dodo Bird (1)

Earth (popular mythology)
Jackalope (1)
Unicorn (1)

Final Fantasty Ten
Malboro (1)
Cactaur (1)

Final Fantasty Seven
Gold Chocobo (1) - sometimes wanders out of it's enclosure
Blue Chocobo (2)

Magicarp (1)
Ditto (3)
Charizard (1)

Ragnarok Online
Poring (5)
Drops (4)
Poporing (1)
Marin (2)

Secret of Mana
Rabite (20)

Furfur (1)

Super Mario Brothers
Goomba (2)

Mametchi (1)
Ringotchi (1)

Balrog (1)

Taken Characters

Marco - notpolo
Tobias Fangor - tobiasf

Battlestar Galactica
Kara Thrace - docallmegod

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Willow Rosenberg - taras_only
Rupert Giles - tweedywatcher

Detective Conan
Edogawa Conan (Kudo Shinichi) - teitantensai

Doctor Who
The Doctor (ten) - tea_for_ten
Donna Noble - supertempdonna
Jenny - doctors_jenny

Inara Serra - unknown_serra

Fushigi Yuugi
Tasuki - flaming_tessen

Harry Potter
Nymphadora Tonks - wotchingyou

How to Train your Dragon (Movie)
Toothless - toothless_night

Howl's Moving Castle (book)
Wizard Howl - twinklethegenie

Legend of Mana
Florina - clarius_florina

Prince of Tennis
Hiyoshi Wakashi - enbu_hiyoshi
Inui Sadaharu - data_doesnt_lie
Shishido Ryou - poolnpoker

Snow Drop
Oh Ko-Mo - cosmosflower

Stargate Atlantis
John Sheppard - col_flyboy

The World Ends With You
Sanae Hanekoma - mistabarista

Galadriel - artanis_nerwen

Yugioh GX
Tenjouin Asuka - asuka_rp


Below is the application form. If you are interested in joining please fill the whole thing out and mail it to emptyearthmod@gmail.com with the character's name and fandom as the subject line. Once all the mods have reviewed the application we will email you back letting you know if we approve you or not.

You may apply for up to five different characters, with a period of two weeks between each application. You will be required to keep all characters active, however- don't bite off more than you can chew.

Once you are approved please place your application (minus your sample tag) in your character journal's profile and follow any other instructions included in your confirmation email.

Please be sure to check the holds before submitting an application.

The letter found on your person upon arrival, for reference when making your sample tag.

Your Name:
Your LJ:
Preferred Email:
Character's name:
Character's fandom:
Character's LJ: Save us time and have the journal made before you send in your application, please.
Tell us about the character and his fandom: Not every player will be familiar with every fandom, so please give us a fairly in-depth summary of who your character is and what the fandom he's from was all about.
Sample Tag: This tag should cover your character's arrival on the empty earth. Remember, one minute your character was going about his or her own business, and the next the world is crumbling and he/she's floating in a void. Then suddenly he/she's in a place that is probably very new and strange to him/her. So what will your character's reaction be? For samples look at the main community.
First Journal Entry: Your character's introductory post- to be re-posted in your character's journal upon acceptance. NOT a second tag- this should be a journal entry done in first person perspective. For samples look at the community friends page.

Many people have been having issues figuring out what their journal entry should be like. It's pretty simple- pretend to be your character and have them write in their journal. Do NOT send me a tag written in first person, and definitely do not send me a tag in third person. I'm not sure how much clearer I can get on the subject. You can look at the community friends page if you need help figuring out what I'm talking about.

Sample Application


If you would like to request a one week hold on a character please comment here with the character's name and fandom.

Harry Potter
Sirius Black (6/13)

Hatsune Miku (6/2)

Just get approved for a character? You must wait a week before placing another hold. Holds only last one week, and you can't turn in another application for two weeks. You do the math- it just doesn't work.


This is the current list of rules. New rules may be added in the future.

  1. Read Everything: The setting, the Q&A, the rules (you know, these things), the sample app, all the instruction on the application page- even recent stuff in the communities and the community friends page. Read it all.

  2. No godmodding: This one should be a given, honestly. There aren't many games out there that allow this kind of behavior.

  3. No character death: You can maim your character, cause them vast mental scarring- but you can not kill them (No really- the physics of Empty Earth don't allow characters to die). If you decide you need to drop then drop- we (the mods) will think up a reason that your character has suddenly vanished.

  4. No persons under the age of sixteen: This is more of a personal preference. I know that maturity isn't based on age, but many people really just aren't comfortable in a game with people younger than that- especially people who, like some of the mods, work in childcare.

  5. Behave in a courteous manner: Be nice to the other players- even ones you really don't like. If you have a problem with someone consult the mods and we'll do our best to help work it out. This game is meant to be as drama-free and fun as possible.

  6. You must post either a log or a journal entry every two weeks: This means a log/post for each character you have. If you won't be able to do this please contact the moderators at emptyearthmod@gmail.com. We have a three-strike policy. If your character is inactive three times then that character will be dropped and you will not be allowed to reapply.

  7. The identities of the moderators are to be kept secret: Yes, it will probably be easy to figure out after awhile. We might even tell you who we are ourselves, if we like and trust you enough. But to avoid a lot of potential drama and enjoy playing more we've decided not to make our identities public, so please respect that.

  8. Keep the crack minimal: Humor is just fine, but keep in mind that we aren't going for an all-out crackfest with this game. If crack is what you want there are plenty of other games out there that you can join.

  9. Be respectful: This game will be open to all kinds of relationships, both straight and homosexual. If you can't handle that please don't even bother joining.

  10. On the subjects of relationships: they are not the main point of the game. Yes they are nice, but please try to let them develop gradually.


Q) How do I apply for a character! What is the setting!? Is it okay if I do such-and-such!?
A) Whoa! Calm down there! Okay, first thing is first- read the setting, the rules, and the FAQ. That should fill you in on most everything. And when you're done with that use some common sense- don't ask questions that have obvious answers. Once you've done these things you can feel free to comment here or via email and ask us whatever question you have- but please make sure it's not something we've already covered. Showing that you haven't read the basic info for the game is only going to antagonize the moderators.

Q) How do I play in this game!?
A) Learn from watching the other players. Go into the comm and watch what other people are doing. Visit the comm friends page and read the in character journal entries. This is the fastest way to learn how to role play in a LJ community.

Q) How should we handle logs?
A) We are very flexible- just be sure to label your log with a time, location, and if it's a log open for everyone to join or not. Also include any warnings that may apply.
And yes- you are allowed to log privately over IM or Email and then post your completed logs. Whatever makes you comfortable.

Q) If the character were to have superhuman abilities, would the characters retain all of their canon abilities in this new world?
A) All canon abilities remain intact, yes.

Q) It would take an essay to explain the fandom of the character I want to apply for, at least for it to be to my satisfaction. Would it be alright if I took most of the fandom description from Wikipedia?
A) Yes, that would be fine. What's important is that it's there for people that are unfamiliar with your fandom to read in your profile.

Q) If someone came through once they made their ID can they look back at past post to see if they could recognize anyone?
A) Yes they could. All posts are archived.

Q) What is the weather like in Empty Earth?
A) The weather patterns mimic those on earth, just like everything else. If you want to know what the current day's weather is refer to the most recent day start announcement. A weather forecast is included there.

Q) The info says that it's modern-earth. So, I guess the question is how would this pertain to characters from older fandoms?
A) They would be naturally out of place, since the technology would be more advance than it was in their time.

Q) How do we buy things from stores and stuff, there's food stuffs to be bought but how do we get things?
A) Everyone is pretty much free for the taking at stores. Houses and apartments and such are already fully stocked with furniture, appliances, food and such. Store restock themselves in the middle of the night when nobody is looking.
Also, if you order something at a store- such as food at a restaurant- it will be given to you- providing you don't watch. This goes for things like delivery too.

Q) I assume there are cars, cabs, motorbikes parked on the streets? New York is functioning pretty much on its own except for the current five people who are around, right? Subways are ready to ride, traffic lights work, etc?
A) Trains, buses, and airplanes run according to their normal schedules if your character feels like riding in a vehicle without a visible driver, and if you need a taxi one will show up (they still drive like crazy people, too). Other than that all vehicles are just parked, usually with keys included, and waiting to be used.

Q) What about television? Would any programs be running without people to be in them? Or would it be a mix of re-runs from multiple fandoms?
A) Television would be showing old re-runs from various realities (a lot of MASH reruns), and any channels where there should be live TV will have just static, unless someone finds and takes over a TV station.

Q) Could dogs or cats wander around then, maybe even into and out of the buildings? And pigeons? Does New York have pigeons? I think you said there are animals and I'm assuming sort of business as usual, except for not having a lot of people yet.
A) Yeah, the animals are just going about business as usual, so yes, there are pigeons, and probably some cats and dogs (though not as many as if there were people there to keep them as pets).

Q) If a building is damaged will it repair itself?
A) Yeah, things fix themselves- though not right away, amusingly enough. They slowly improve in real time as if people are actually fixing them. And some places (like say, a run down neighborhood) repair themselves much slower than others.

Q) How many mods ARE there? Who do you play?
A) The mods are anonymous, but I'll give you a little info. There is more than one mod, and each moderator has a specific job. As for who we play- one of us plays the savior (callmesavior), but that is all that we can say.

Your question still not answered? Ask here and one of the mods will get back with you ASAP.

If you need to contact a mod about anything else feel free to email emptyearthmod@gmail.com and we will get back to you.

About the game

-The Game-
This is a plot-driven, massive multifandom RPG. In the game all fandoms exist as their own realities, totally separate from each other- but when a great disaster destroys all the fandoms the survivors are plucked up one by one by some strange force and put together in a blank universe until their own realities are fixed- if that ever does happen.

-The World-
The reality that the survivors are being sent to is a world just like modern day earth, except totally empty. Homes, stores, entire cities- they're all there, just without any people. Still, everything still functions- the trains run, the stores restock themselves nightly, damaged buildings repair themselves, mail arrives, and most importantly of all the internet is still up and running- an important fact because this is how the beings that rescued you have chosen to communicate.

The arrival point is New York City, on the top floor of the Empire State Building. Upon arriving each survivor finds in their possession a small card explaining what has happened and prompting them to create a user ID for 'The Network', an online community that allows them to keep in touch with each other and their mysterious savior. Any news or instructions that their benefactor has will be posted on the network, and they can also use the network to request any goods they might require.

Once an ID has been set up the survivors are free to go off wherever they would like and find themselves a suitable home. This shouldn't be too hard, after all- all the houses and apartments are fully stocked already. A perfect copy of this world, except without all the people.

Some of the survivors might choose to stick together near the point of origin, perhaps taking up an apartment building together. Others might decide to take off on their own- all transportation is still working. They can go anywhere in the world. But only someone with serious issues would choose to go off somewhere were there are no people, right?

-The People-
All fandoms are welcome to apply. Dead characters are welcome to join too- time is relative after all. If the memory of your existence survived the disaster then you survived the disaster and are ready to be deposited live and well into New York City.

If your character doesn't already know English the knowledge of how to speak and write it will be implanted into their consciousness for convenience's sake.

-The Time System-
One day in game is equal to three days in real life.

At the start of each game day a mod will post declaring the day, the weather, and any other vital information for the game setting. If a mod hasn't posted this the day has not changed.

You are of course allowed to continue old logs after their 'day' has passed.

Interested? Well then, why not go and apply?


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